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Facts & Figures

Our school is an outstanding place because we serve amazing students and families, and we have an amazing staff. We feel very lucky to be part of the Pikes Peak Park Community. At Centennial, we are focused on increasing student achievement. Our school mission is Achievement NOW. This mission guides the work we do on a daily basis. We provide a world-class education in a safe and caring environment. We are proud of our partnerships with parents, families, and the surrounding community. Our entire school community is involved in helping our students be successful and have choices in life. In fact, we are an award-winning school. In 2014, Centennial Elementary was awarded The National Title I Distinguished Schools Award. In 2015, we earned the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award. In 2017, we became the first ever Colorado Urban School of Excellence, a National Award that recognizes outstanding student achievement data, wonderful learning environments, and positive culture and climate. We were also awarded the National Kaiser Permanente Healthy School-Wellness and Family Engagement Award. Most recently, Centennial was named a 'Best of Elementary School' by the Colorado Springs Gazette in 2019 and 2020. We are proud of all of these awards because we know that they are representative of the wonderful work of our students, staff, and families. Every child deserves to attend an award-winning school like Centennial Elementary. Please come by our school and take a tour to see our mission of Achievement NOW in action!

Fun Facts about Centennial Elementary

  1. We provide a high-quality in-person and online education in a safe and caring environment.
  2. We enjoy and value our numerous community partnerships!
  3. We received the National Kaiser Permanente Healthy School-Wellness and Family Engagement Award!
  4. We are the first Colorado school ever to receive The Urban School of Excellence Award!
  5. We received The National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award in 2015!
  6. We received The National Title I Distinguished School Award in 2014!
  7. We have over 75 Out of District Enrollments!
  8. We have 8 Centennial staff members who are also Harrison School District 2 Graduates!
  9. We have a new STEAM Lab and every student is issued a Chromebook for the whole school year.
  10. We offer several different before and after-school activities, including Conservatory Club, Art Club, Basketball, Soccer, Special Olympics, Lego Club, STEAM Club, Tutoring, Cheerleading, and Student Council. 
  11. We love learning and know you will love our school too!
CES Thank You McDivitt

2023-2024 School Culture Survey Highlights


95% of students feel that their school has clear rules and consequences for behavior.

92% of families believe school leaders are approachable.

93% of staff enjoy coming to work.

Improvement Opportunities

  • 28% of students say that they struggle to work out problems with peers by talking about them.
  • Less than 88% of families feel the school is welcoming and open about issues.
  • 82% of staff feel students meet behavioral expectations at our school.

Next Steps

  • Utilize scenarios for students to talk out conflicts with one another and ensure teachers have these for community time activities.
  • Seek out ways to informally survey families about ways we should be communicating. Continue to use Facebook, Dojo, newsletters, and also messenger to parents to communicate information.
  • Data dive of office referrals to identify patterns and trends. Provide staff with instructional tips that might help with the most frequent types of office referrals.